What you will see in the videos:

  1. What is a domain name how to choose.
  2. Registration of a new domain.
  3. How to setup domain name servers.
  4. Choose a host
  5. Setup an email under your domain 
  6. Setup email in outlook express
  7. Setup signature in outlook express
  8. Download extract zip repack rename
  9. Ftp
  10. Clickbank
  11. Paypal
  12. Cgi programs
  13. Php email list
  14. Sending emails to your subscribers list
  15. A litle bit of html
  16. Dreamweaver
  17. Colors fonts in html
  18. Image in html
  19. Links in html
  20. Creating tables html
  21. Editing templates
  22. Good keywords
  23. Metatags
  24. Title keywords optimazation goodkeywords
  25. Creating powerful hedlines
  26. Testing sales copy
  27. Put your links on the web , forums google etc
  28. Adtracker installation
  29. Using adtrcking
  30. Creating powerfull ads
  31. Link popularity links traffic
  32. Become expert on a subject,discover your niches, ebay as tool, yahoo Groups, begin writing your ebook
  33. Create an executable ebook
  34. Create pdf ebook
  35. Create brandable ebook
  36. Brander and pdf file
  37. Runing an affiliate program through clickbank
  38. Creating a support system for clients
  39. Setup the support system
  40. Password protect your products in the server
  41. Installing a form handler
  42. Setup of wordpress
  43. Customize wordpress
  44. Affiliate programs commision junction
  45. Shorten affiliate links
  46. Install ecommerce automation
  47. Using RSS feeds